Tracking Services

GPS tracking

The GPS tracking services represent an opportunity for rapid growth and is relatively not very exploited, in our localization services division we have software for the management and administration of vehicles, people, assets, etc.

Professional services

STM offers excellent professional services that include software customization and GPS platform, an extensive training program, and professional consultation for the design of efficient solutions and their implementation.

Mobile GPS Solutions: GPS Tracking for On-The-Go Companies

With our mobile GPS tracking application, you can take the tracking platform with you wherever and whenever you need it. With an easy-to-use mobile interface and compatibility with Apple, Android devices, you can easily access the tracking platform and keep an eye on your assets anywhere your device has a data connection.


Location software as a fleet management and administration tool involves much more than just tracking assets. Although tracking is of great importance, there are other data of equal importance that can be captured, interpreted and used with tracking software to help customers improve. Our service can help fleet managers to:
• Increase productivity. Know the location of your vehicles and use the most efficient routes.
• Reduce fuel costs. Understand how can inefficient routes or speed is affecting fuel costs.
• Improve driver safety. Ensure the safety of drivers by means of alert buttons and finding out when a vehicle is damaged on the side of the road, without cell phone coverage.
• Offer a better service to the client. Offering a faster and professional service.

Our Offer

◙ Fleet management and administration. Many companies have vehicle fleets that need maintenance and service. Offering these companies GPS installation and vehicle tracking in addition to maintenance could be an attractive offer as a means to reduce fleet costs.
◙ Sale and installation of GPS devices. Companies with fleets have to track these valuable assets. Selling GPS devices along with installation, maintenance and tracking is a service that would be in high demand, as companies seek to maintain contact with their assets.
◙ Dispatch services. Most local service providers such as plumbers and HVAC systems companies have many technicians in the field and would benefit from a central dispatch hub that can schedule visits, receive requests and send technicians to perform services. A dispatch service could install GPS units in the vehicles of its customers to track the location of the same and send the closest technician to cover the service, maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
◙ Self Storage. Storage companies could use satellite monitoring and location services as additional functionality to their facilities. Mobile storage units or storage containers could have a low-power GPS tracking device that will alert its owners and / or management if they are tampered with. This could add an extra safety factor to the belongings stored in self-storage companies.
◙ Assets and construction equipment. A satellite monitoring and location company could focus on offering services to construction companies and construction sites providing satellite tracking and tracking for construction assets, equipment and materials. Low-power GPS devices could alert safety departments and management during non-business hours or when the equipment moves off-site without authorization.

Service Modality

◙ Hosted solution. 
The idea and implementation of servers and centers for development or programming may seem somewhat complex. We make that very easy, from the management and storage of data, maintain the servers, produce updates, patches, and everything that may be required in the technical or computer area for its implementation. From the installation and execution based on our servers, everything can be customized and adjusted to your needs, aspects such as branding and corporate image, intergration of GPS devices all while maintaining a 99.99% of the operating time.
◙ Enterprise.
Our GPS tracking platform, installed and running on its own servers. You will have it in an instant, you can update your servers to be able to provide the service to the demands of a client with a fleet of large vehicles, protect your database, control security parameters and audits. Whatever your reason, we can adjust the platform exactly to those requirements and needs and install all this for you.