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The World Evolves

In an increasingly globalized and dynamic environment, companies and institutions must strive to maintain and improve competitive advantages. The use of new telecommunications technologies, apart from being one of the keys to innovation, facilitates and offers great advantages to all types of organizations

Who We Are:

STM Consulting

In ST Consulting we are a young company able to adapt to the changing dynamics of the market, oriented to provide the integral solution to our clients in the field of technology, thus achieving the creation of business partners, in which not only is the sale of the equipment or the service if not as our name indicates it, making an integral consultancy in the needs, obtaining as a result a global scheme and the satisfaction in the general needs not only in a specific problem.

Our Values


This is the touchstone of everything we do. We are focused on making all of our products and services the best they possibly can be.


Our goal is to understand, develop and deliver secure mobile experiences that go beyond the expectations of people, through the newest technology adapted to the needs of our customers. We have created the right base so that our offer is ready for tomorrow.


We believe in putting our values ​​ahead of short-term objectives. Our reputation is very important to us and to foster a strong ethical culture built around customer satisfaction. We are proud of what we do.


We conduct business to advise and guide our clients through each step of the implementation of our solutions. We take our long-term commitment to our customers seriously and we share their goals.