IoT & M2M Solutions

IoT (Internet of Things).

It refers to the mass market of objects (wristbands, thermostats, clothes, etc.) that are connected by Internet and that provide a service accessible to an end user. It is therefore a consumer good. It is actually like M2M, only that IoT is the perspective of a service in a normally global market while the M2M does it from the technical point of view of communications.

M2M (Machine-to-Machine).

It refers to the communication between machines. A machine can be an electronic device, a robot, a car, an industrial motor, anything that is not a person. That machine has to communicate over the Internet with a server. This server manages the information related to the machine and manipulates it remotely. The communication between the machine and the server is done by different means such as Ethernet (a LAN connection), an Wireless, GPRS, a radio link or a satellite.
Connectivity is just the beginning. The world is increasingly connected every day and the devices are becoming more automated. Managed connectivity is at the heart of what we do and we go beyond connectivity to offer end-to-end solutions for your IoT and M2M needs. We are the people that drive the IoT and M2M.
• STM is your global provider of IoT and M2M solutions
• STM offers integrated global connectivity solutions.

STM is the global leader in IoT and M2M technology solutions, and provides the best global connectivity in the market.

STM is here to help you make the best decision for your needs:
We are your partners: we do not compete with our customers by selling equipment or applications / solutions to the market
We are here to support you with our team of experts, completely dedicated to the development of M2M and IoT technology solutions
Control your costs with our extensive unique business management platform, which provides the operational efficiency required to achieve the highest profitability
Optimize and expand your business taking advantage of our network completely operated by us
All your communication needs met by a single provider; The largest global network services chart, including LTE, GSM and CDMA

STM provides network services throughout Latin America, and our connectivity experts can help you find the right solution for your business needs.

Our platform adjusts to meet your needs in real time

STM has set the global standard with its wide and solid business management platform, designed to provide M2M control and exceptional operational efficiency. Our network solutions help our customers control costs, optimize the provision of M2M services and provide the best possible experience for their end users.
STM provides the definitive centralized control: it provides automation and adaptable solutions to help control costs and optimize rate plans, while providing the best possible M2M service experience. Our business management platform reduces the total cost of ownership of your M2M investment.


STM is helping to provide network services worldwide with connectivity solutions across a multitude of industries. STM is driving solutions in the industry:

Health Solutions. If pharmaceutical companies need to monitor clinical trials or if doctors need to diagnose or monitor a patient remotely, STM can provide connectivity solutions for healthcare application providers.
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Environmental Services Solutions The monitoring of environmental conditions has gone from the reporting of exceptions and the annual inspections to the ability to monitor an area 24/7 through IoT solutions driven by STM.
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Security Solutions The security industry is changing, and IOT connectivity is becoming an integral part of it. STM offers IoT solutions that can improve the way your security company interacts with the Internet of things.
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IoT Payment and Transaction Solutions. From ATMs to delivery controllers, IoT mobile payment solutions can make transactions safer and easier for business owners, consumers and inventory management.
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IoT Connectivity solutions for commercial lighting. Commercial scale lighting requires high levels of control, administration and monitoring to ensure there are no interruptions. With IoT connectivity solutions commercial lighting companies can keep the lights on with lower costs and less downtime.
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Solutions in the Insurance Industry. The insurance industry was at the forefront of adopting IoT solutions in the shift from using general actuarial tables and generalized pricing structures to more individualized insurance premiums.
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IoT solutions to maintain business continuity How can you make sure that your business is not interrupted if your broadband network decreases? STM offers solutions for business continuity to keep your company from seeing when the network fails.
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IoT solutions for digital signage. Managing its digital signage technology, STM offers unprecedented IoT solutions for digital signage with customized plans needed to keep signage up and running and maximize investments.
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IoT Industrial Monitoring Solutions. Controlling the use of gas, oil and electricity can be an essential part of industrial management. With IoT industrial monitoring solutions, you can read meters remotely and keep up with your operations.
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IoT solutions for vehicle tracking and fleet tracking. Tracking the fleet does much more than locate the vehicles of your company. These solutions can track maintenance schedules, fuel usage, routes, and can even help assess drivers' responsibility.
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Solutions for Asset Control and Logistics. Whether you're dealing with shipping containers, construction equipment or heavy machinery, you should be able to track and account for your assets, especially those in transit. With STM's IoT and M2M solutions for asset control and logistics applications in the industry, you'll always know where your assets are.
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Utilities and connectivity solutions of AMI. In the public services sector, meter errors and connectivity problems can be costly for you and your customers. Minimize risk and maximize efficiency with AMI (Automated Metering Infrastructure) wireless network solutions powered by KORE.