Construction Projects

Construction Division

We are a team composed of engineers, technicians and designers with high experience in construction, both housing and structural buildings and urbanization.
Currently, we have presence in Ciudad Juarez, where we have our corporate offices; likewise, we have branches in the cities of Guadalajara, Tijuana and Ciudad Obregón, Mexico.
Due to the constant updating of innovations in the field, our projects are carried out with specialized procedures and techniques with the highest quality of teamwork, this makes us stand out in the local market and have a greater participation in it.
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Design and Realization


In our company to carry out the construction of different works, our staff is often trained according to the needs that each project requires, this makes us to make the costs more efficient and to develop high quality work and thus meet the expectations of our customers in addition to offering them a construction at the best cost in the market.
In addition, we try to always be at the forefront with high technology equipment that is in the market. Thus delivered to our customers a product and service that exceeds expectations and which will have an added value compared to those existing in the market.
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Housing Construction

Projects in Collaboration


BRASA Desarrollos

Fraccionamiento Palmas - 375 residential homes (moldings)
Fraccionamiento Parques - 196 residential homes (moldings)
Nogaleras - 276 residential homes (insulation and moldings)
Paseos Sta. Mónica - 1,480 residential housing (molding and painting)
Paseos Sta. Mónica - 96 housing (From start to finish)
Residential Gardeno - 390 residential housing (moldings)
Gardeno Residencial E-I - 66 residential housing (From start to finish)

Lajas Fraccionamiento - 166 residential homes (moldings)
Fraccionamiento Cantera - 233 residential houses (moldings)
Fraccionamiento Cantera - 123 residential homes (moldings)

Pultek AltaHomes

Paths - 139 residential homes (insulation and moldings)
Riberas - 119 residential houses (Insulation and moldings)
Rincones de Salvarcar - 650 social interest housing (moldings)

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Home Consortium

Developer e-Home

Urbanization of 3 Stages of the Fraccionamiento Las Palmas in Tonalá
Urbanization Development in Punta Norte, Mexico City.

Urbanization Development of the Americas in Puebla
Urbanization of the Development of San José, Hidalgo


Rehabilitation of Social Interest Housing


Rehabilitation project for more than 2,000 Fracc. homes. Riveras del Bravo


Rehabilitation of 250 homes in the Villas del Campo subdivision. Rehabilitation of 108 houses in Parajes del Valle.


Rehabilitation of 167 homes in the Lomas de San Agustín district.
Rehabilitation of 100 homes of the Balcones de Santa Anita neighborhood.
Rehabilitation of 100 homes in the Paseo de las Aves subdivision.

Construction of Homes of Medium Interest


We are currently building 326 homes in the Altaria neighborhood.